Managing Behaviours

Managing Behaviours


  • Join occupational therapist Reena Singh in a 5-hour and 30-minute pre-recorded course, unraveling the secrets to managing children’s behaviors through a pragmatic and multi-dimensional approach, enriched by 23 years of real-world experience.
  • This insightful course, designed for parents, educators, and caregivers, dives deep into understanding defensive reflexes, behavior regulation techniques, the impact of implicit memories, the pivotal role of sleep, and explores the profound connections between diet, environmental structuring, and behavior.
  • The course melds theoretical knowledge with practical strategies, incorporating prompts, visual supports, vestibular opportunities, and integrative techniques from diverse fields, promising a holistic approach to behavior management.
  • Here, time becomes a conduit for tangible, positive outcomes in children’s developmental journey, offering empowerment and time-efficient learning for participants.
  • Engage in this comprehensive guide to transmute each invested moment into constructive behavioral development and establish a conducive environment for your child’s positive growth.
  • Though we can’t wield a magic wand to clear the path ahead, we invite you to journey with us, armed with proven strategies, maximizing every precious moment.

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  • Unlock the secret to managing children’s behaviors with Reena Singh, an occupational therapist boasting 23 years of hands-on experience and a treasury of wisdom collected from real-world instances, through a pre-recorded class spanning 5 hours and 30 minutes.
  • This course unveils a robust, multi-dimensional approach toward understanding and managing children’s behaviours, particularly beneficial for parents, educators, and caregivers working with children experiencing difficulties in behavior regulation.

Course Highlights

  • Understanding Defensive Reflexes: Learn about defensive reflexes and how they impact a child’s behavior and responses to their environment.
  • Behavior Regulation Techniques: Acquire techniques to enhance children’s ability to regulate their behaviours, considering aspects of predictability and structured environments.
  • Implicit Memories: Dive deep into understanding the impact of implicit memories on children’s behaviours and learning.
  • The Pillar of Sleep: Understand the vital role of sleep in managing behaviours, learning, and overall child development.
  • Diet and Behavior: Explore the influential role of diet in managing behaviours, providing practical tips and guidelines for nutritional management.
  • Environmental Structuring: Gain insights into structuring the environment in a way that supports positive behavior management.
  • Incorporating Prompts: Learn effective methods to utilize prompts in facilitating desired behaviours.
  • Visual Supports: Understand and implement visual supports to enhance behavior management strategies.
  • Vestibular Opportunities: Discover how providing vestibular opportunities can significantly impact behaviour management.
  • Integrative Techniques: Engage with techniques derived from Occupational Therapy, Touch for Health, and Primitive Reflex Integration to holistically manage behaviours.

Meet Your Instructor: Reena Singh

Reena Singh, your expert guide in this journey, transcends academic knowledge, infusing her teaching with practical insights gleaned from over two decades of dedicated work in the field of occupational therapy. Her approach is not just informed by textbook knowledge but is deeply rooted in real-world, practical experiences, ensuring that the strategies provided are both relevant and effective.

Why This Course is a Beacon of Guidance

  • Blend of Theory and Practicality: Reena shares practical strategies that are deeply embedded in theoretical knowledge, ensuring a robust understanding and effective application.
  • Holistic Management Approach: The course encapsulates a comprehensive view of managing behaviours, ensuring all contributing factors are considered and addressed.
  • Empowering Parents and Educators: Arm yourself with proven, effective strategies to facilitate an environment conducive to positive behavioural development in children.
  • Time-Efficient Learning: Dedicatedly structured, this pre-recorded course respects your time, ensuring each minute spent is valuable and packed with insightful learning.

Harnessing Time for Constructive Behavioral Development

As Reena guides you through this journey, time transforms into a tool, carving, shaping, and optimizing your child’s behavioral development. Your journey is not just about witnessing, but actively participating, molding, and channelizing behaviors, ensuring each moment invested translates into positive, tangible outcomes in the child’s developmental journey.