Managing Behaviours

Managing Behaviours


Are you a parent who is confused and not sure on how to react to the challenging behaviours of your child? Especially because there is a diagnosis of Autism!!!

Wouldn’t it be great if you are given a holistic perspective which helps you to understand your child’s emotional needs and behaviours better?

I have been helping parents since the last 22 years – especially those whose kids have a medical diagnosis of Autism and sensory processing challenges!!

In the last so many years, I have learnt how to help and manage the behaviours so that a healthy and strong loving relationship develops between the parent and child…

I would love to share those techniques and strategies in this course in the following 5 steps-

  1. Understanding the difference between stress response and challenging behaviour
  2. Techniques to strengthen the parent child bond so that compliance comes out of respect and not fear
  3. Seeing the sensory differences and helping them to help the child to regulate himself
  4. Using visual strategies
  5. Techniques and strategies to help in self regulation



This is a pre-recorded class and you get content of 5 hours 30 minutes.

You get to learn

  1. What are defensive reflexes
  2. Techniques to work with the defensive reflexes
  3. How do kids regulate their behaviours
  4. Why is predictability important to regulate behaviours
  5. What are implicit memories
  6. How sleep plays an important role in managing behaviours
  7. Role of diet in managing behaviours
  8. Role of structuring the environment in managing behaviours
  9. Role of prompts
  10. Role of visual supports in managing behaviours
  11. Learn the importance of providing vestibular opportunities to manage behaviours
  12. Learn a lot of techniques from Occupational therapy, Touch for health and primitive reflex integration to manage behaviours.


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