Astronaut Training

Sensory integration is widely used by Occupational therapists across the world. The vestibular system, tactile system and the proprioceptive system form the base on which we build the skills of any child.

Vestibular system is a very important component of Sensory integration. The precise stimulation of the vestibular system involves stimulating all the 5 receptors present in each ear.

Vestibular systems works with the visual and the auditory system to support the child’s development. Precise and specific stimulation of the vestibular system coupled with the auditory and the visual system is called as Astronaut training. It was developed by Occupational therapist Mary Kawar who had a special interest in the vestibular system. Sheila Frick is an Occupational therapist who has developed therapeutic listening and works with the auditory system. Together, Mary Kawar and Sheila Frick have designed the program to ensure that the vestibular, auditory and the visual systems are specifically and most precisely stimulated to get more attention, awareness and postural control.

The astronaut program helps to take care of the sensory processing issues and helps kids who have attention deficits, autism or any developmental motor delay. It helps kids who have difficulties with reading and reading comprehension.

When the vestibular system works efficiently- posture, balance, functioning of the eyes, visual perception, auditory perception all get better. These skills help the child to attend better and also regulate arousal levels helping in self regulation.

At Khushi, we use the astronaut training program while providing Sensory integration in Occupational therapy sessions.

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