Who We Are

Khushi therapy center provides a wide range of therapeutic expertise and emotional well being sessions to children and their families.

We achieve this through therapies, parent education, emotional wellbeing sessions and counselling. We believe that if early intervention is given in a sustained, rigorous and all encompassing manner, kids can reach their best potential and we are here to guide families in this journey. We also believe that as parents, we need to be more mindful in our interactions with our kids. We need to be aware of the projections of our negative emotions on our kids. Our aim is to help parents understand the challenges that are a natural part of raising a child while understanding that, as parents, each of us tries the best we can with the knowledge we have.

Our role as professionals is to empower children and their families. We also believe that the environment plays a very important role for the kids thus reiterating the need for training and counselling parents, immediate caregivers, school and the community at large..

Founded in June 2000 by Reena Singh, our settings are child friendly and we provide a warm and welcoming environment to the kids and the families. Since kids enjoy the sessions in a playful manner, the gains achieved through therapy are faster. Since parents become aware of their patterns of raising their kids, we help to promote the development of pure connections between parents and kids.

Khushi provides the cutting edge therapies to all the kids and families irrespective of their socio-economic status.

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