EFT And Matrix Reimprinting

Emotion freedom techniques is a technique which combines chinese accupressure with modern psychology. It is a healing tool.

When you experience stress or some kind of negative emotion, it starts building up in your body. Release of these emotions is essential as it has the potential to damage you internally. It is like storing bombs in your body which when triggered by someone or some situation can explode.
Stress is like a seed which grows into physical and psychological problems in us.

EFT helps in release of this stress helping you to experience a state of calm and peace. Picture yourself in this state of peace and connecting with yourself and your child, I am sure you know how beautiful and satisfying the connection will be!!!

Surrogate tapping is also something that we do at Khushi. Most often parents come to us for surrogate work on their kids. This is something that we also do in our group tapping class.

Matrix refers to the energy field around us. It uses the foundation of EFT and replaces the negative memory or the limited belief with a positive one.

An analogy could be that EFT is like an antivirus which helps to delete all the viruses(negative memories) making your computer (body) work faster and efficiently.

Matrix reimprinting would mean installing new processors so that the computer (body) works real fast and proficiently.

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