The Deep Emotional Connect

Reena’s extraordinary gift lies in her ability to form profound connections. Parents, grappling with the intricacies of raising children diagnosed with Autism, find solace in her wisdom.

Professionals, seeking practical strategies, find her insights to be simple yet transformative. Her ability to weave empathy with expertise makes her sessions more than just talks; they’re transformative experiences.

Elevate your next event by bringing in Reena’s unparalleled insights and magnetism.

Let her touch lives, inspire souls, and catalyse transformation.

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A Flourishing Media Presence

Reena’s voice has echoed in some of the most esteemed media outlets, showcasing her expertise and contributions:

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Signature Talks: Transforming the Autism Narrative

Reena is not just a speaker; she’s a storyteller, guiding her audience through critical domains:

  • Sensory Integration

  • Auditory Intervention in Autism

  • Emotional Wellness when Parenting a Child Diagnosed with Autism

  • Occupational Therapy in Children

  • Play and Autism

  • Self-Stimulatory Behaviours and Autism Transition

  • Adolescence and Autism

  • Visual Supports and Autism

Invite the Magic of Reena Singh

Stage Stalwart: Impactful Appearances & Collaborations

Reena’s insights have graced myriad platforms, from global corporate giants to therapeutic summits:

  • UFO Moviez

  • Valuable Group

  • Kidsens Connect – Virtual OT Summit

  • Credit Suisse Bank

  • Omron

  • Dusane Infotech

  • Breakthrough Centre, Malaysia

  • Holistic Occupational Therapy with Emmy Vadnais, US

  • Nair Hospital Dental College

  • Dotterer Education Consulting, US (Cherri Dotterer)

  • Perspective on Healthcare by Rob Oliver, US

  • Nayi Disha Resource Center

  • Method in Madness by Vaishali Chakravarty

  • St. John’s Universal High School

  • Play street Bangalore (Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan)

  • Saksham Child Development Centre, Lucknow

  • D.Y.Patil College of Occupational Therapy

  • BYL Nair and T.N Medical College of Occupational Therapy

  • Vitality College of Living

  • Being Human – NGO Foundation of Salman Khan

  • Therapy Centres Rollick and Frolic

  • Metta Channel by Dr. Shashi Rawat

  • Kavita Shanbag – Child raise Trust

and many more each marked with her signature blend of expertise and empathy.