Behaviour Modification

Behavior Modification deals with analysing and modifying human behaviour.

At Khushi, we seek to increase desirable behaviour and decrease undesirable behaviour. This is done though a functional assessment – which analyses the reason for the root cause for the behaviour. Functional Assessment gathers information about the antecedent events and reinforcing consequences for a behavioural pattern.

Functions Of Problem Behavior

  • Self stimulatory
  • Attention seeking
  • For tangible items
  • Avoidance behavior
  • Behavior because of medical reasons

Dimensions Of Behavior

  • Frequency (how often it occurs)
  • Duration (how long does it occurs)
  • Intensity

Conducting A Functional Assessment

  • Define behavior
  • Identify antecedents
  • Identify consequences
  • Make a hypothesis
  • On the basis of hypothesis decide treatment by modulating antecedents/consequences
  • Confirm hypothesis
  • Deduct a treatment that is functionally equivalent to the problem behavior

We also use the following behavioural principles to teach new things to a child. Reinforcement, Extinction, Punishment, Stimulus Control, Shaping, Prompting and Transfer of Stimulus Control, Chaining, Differential Reinforcement, and Antecedent Control Procedures and more.

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