Individual Therapy

These are therapy sessions which are conducted on a one to one basis – there is one therapist and one child.
The session lasts for an hour.

The sessions can be attended once/twice/thrice a week depending on the diagnosis and the functional ability of your child.

We Offer

Cutting Edge Occupational Therapy

After an initial evaluation, goals are made which are reviewed after every one and a half month. Improvements are noted and the goals are revised depending on the gains.

The goals are made by Occupational therapist trained in Sensory Integration.

Therapeutic Listening is an integral part of therapy sessions.

Stimulating Vestibular-visual-auditory triad is blended in the therapy sessions.

Structured teaching principles are combined to make therapy highly effective.

We work on integration of primitive reflexes through sensory integration.

RMT exercises are shown to the parents to be done at home.

Behavior therapy and Special education

We work on academics, language and social skills depending on the needs of your child.

Communication is worked through PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).
Reading comprehension and academics is stimulated through the use of FastForWord software and behavior therapy principles.
Structured teaching principles are used to establish predictability and reduce tantrums.
Social skills are worked upon using social thinking principles.
Kids are coached for NIOS and they appear for their exams through Pratham.

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