Laying the Foundation

Laying the Foundation


Are you a parent who is undergoing therapies for your child diagnosed with Autism but not seeing great gains?

Sometimes you are not even aware of what to work and how to work with your child?

Will it be helpful if someone guides you on the key areas that need to be worked on so that you can accelerate developmental gains for your child?

Wouldn’t it be great if you are given a roadmap to your journey as you work with your child at home? How to work and what to work on???

I have been working with families especially those who have a diagnosis of Autism and sensory processing challenges. I have been on this journey with thousands of families and can guide you on this journey so that you don’t make the mistakes that other parents are making. Allow me to mentor you on your journey.

Here are the things that I teach in the course in simple 6 steps

  1. Introduction to Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Tactile systems
  2. Tactile System and activities
  3. Vestibular system and activities
  4. Proprioception and activities
  5. Art Of Therapy and activities
  6. Home Program And EFT



This is a pre-recorded class

It has content of 7 hours

You get

  1. To learn the theories of role of vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile system
  2. Learn how to provide these inputs as you see demonstration session
  3. Learn what is the intrinsic motivation and the just right challenge while providing inputs
  4. Understand how to combine the art and science of providing therapeutic opportunities to your child
  5. Understand how your and your child’s emotional well being is so important
  6. Lots of ideas on how to provide these inputs at home!!


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