This has pre-recorded EFT tapping scripts on 22 topics. Recorded content of 9 and half hours!!

  1.  Belief Busting – Autism is a struggle
  2. Goal setting workshop
  3. EFT tapping for big goals
  4. Planting seeds of intention
  5. Tapping on big goals and releasing old story
  6. Tapping for big goals – inviting parts to feel whole
  7. 7 layers deep into your why
  8. Taking uncomfortable action and working with our own excuses
  9. Dealing with the habit of procrastination
  10. Guided Gratitude Meditation
  11. EFT tapping -shifting into gratitude even if child has a medical label
  12. Gratitude and success tapping
  13. EFT tapping for overwhelm because of self stimulatory behaviours in child
  14. EFT tapping for repetitive behaviors in child
  15. EFT tapping – every child is improving but mine is not
  16. EFT tapping for fear of uncertainty for child’s future
  17. EFT tapping – anxiety in parents because of starting school
  18. EFT tapping – stressed about child’s schooling
  19. EFT tapping – parent not able to follow home program
  20. EFT tapping for child not talking and communicating
  21. EFT tapping to disagree respectfully