Masterclass on Visual Support

Masterclass on Visual Support


Instructor: Reena Singh

Duration: 6 Hours (Pre-Recorded)

Course Overview

  • Experience a potent amalgamation of academic wisdom and practical proficiency with Reena, your guide through this insightful 6-hour course, focused on mastering visual strategies pivotal in enhancing communication and facilitating efficient scheduling.
  • Diving into the rich, distilled essence of over two decades of experience, this course promises not merely theoretical knowledge but a pathway towards tangible, effective results, especially for caregivers, educators, and professionals navigating the realm of communicative and scheduling needs of individuals benefiting significantly from visual aids.


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Course Content

1. Theory Session: 3 Hours

a. Crafting Effective Visual Schedules:

  • Navigate through the intricate process of creating visual schedules, ensuring they cater to varied needs and scenarios.

b. Developing and Utilizing Social Stories:

  • Grasp the methodology behind creating and implementing social stories, facilitating a clearer understanding of social norms and interactions.

c. Implementing Visual Supports for Communication:

  • Discover the wide array of visual communication supports, understanding their strategic implementation to enhance communication.

2. Interactive Q&A Session: 3 Hours

  • Engage with Reena, tapping into her rich reservoir of experience, ensuring clarity, and practical understanding of implementing visual strategies.

Who Stands to Benefit?

  • Educators: Enhance your pedagogical methods by integrating impactful visual supports.
  • Parents and Caregivers: Facilitate smoother daily routines and bolster communication with your child through tailored visual strategies.
  • Therapists and Psychologists: Implement visual strategies in your practices, enabling clearer communication and comprehension pathways for individuals.
  • Speech and Language Pathologists: Integrate visual supports into your communicative strategies, ensuring a broader, more inclusive approach.

Your Learning Journey:

  • Embark upon a learning journey where every module is crafted, keeping in mind the practical applicabilities and challenges faced in real-world scenarios.
  • Your time with us is valued, ensuring that the course is structured to bring you closer to understanding and implementing strategies that truly work, cutting through theoretical jargon, and presenting actionable, effective methodologies.
  • Experience a course where every second spent is a stride towards bringing your child or the individuals you cater to, closer to achieving their developmental milestones, and where every nugget of knowledge has practical, tangible applications.
  • With Reena, step into a world where learning is seamlessly blended with experience, ensuring your journey is not just informative, but transformative.