Masterclass on Toilet and Potty Training

Masterclass on Toilet and Potty Training


  • Embark on a pivotal and supportive journey through the complexities of toilet and potty training for children with Autism, guided by Reena Singh, an occupational therapist with 23 years of comprehensive, real-world expertise.
  • This course, rooted in decades of impactful experience, promises to be a cornerstone for parents seeking adept and stress-free toilet habits training for their children.
  • From understanding the nuanced interoceptive system and essential baseline data collection to integrating primitive reflexes and optimizing the sensory system for successful toilet habits, the course wraps around holistic and practically validated strategies.
  • It also embraces principles of energy kinesiology and offers a bonus EFT tapping script to ease the parental emotional journey.
  • Join us in a community where your moments invested are transformed into purposeful strides towards your child’s progressive developmental milestones, particularly mastering the vital life skill of proficient toilet habits.
  • Though we can’t wield a magic wand to clear the path ahead, we invite you to journey with us, armed with proven strategies, maximizing every precious moment.
  • Total content duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes, delivered in a pre-recorded format

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  • Embark on a pivotal journey with Reena Singh, a seasoned occupational therapist with 23 years of empathetic, real-world practice, in navigating the often challenging road of toilet and potty training for children with Autism.
  • This specialized course, designed meticulously based on decades of professional and impactful experiences, is structured to provide parents a breakthrough in one of the vital life skills training for their growing child – proficient and stress-free toilet habits.

Course Highlights

  1. Understanding the Interoceptive System: Delve into comprehending the internal sensory system, which influences the physiological regulation and awareness of bodily sensations related to toilet training.
  2. Baseline Data Collection: Acquire practical skills in gathering essential baseline data that directs the formulation of a tailored training plan for your child.
  3. Parental Mindset and Skill Acquisition: Uncover the significant impact your emotional and mental state has on facilitating skill acquisition in your child.
  4. Integration of Primitive Reflexes: Engage in strategic exercises aimed at integrating primitive reflexes to pave the way for smooth toilet training transitions.
  5. Working with the Sensory System: Explore techniques to optimize the sensory system’s functionality in establishing successful toilet habits.
  6. Energy Kinesiology Principles: Learn to apply principles of energy kinesiology to balance energy and meridians, enhancing the toilet training process.
  7. Bonus EFT Tapping Script for Parents: Gift yourself with an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping script to navigate through the emotional landscape of this journey with grace and resilience.

Your Expert Guide: Reena Singh

Immerse yourself in the profound universe of wisdom that Reena brings to you, curated and refined over two decades, not just from academic learning but from sustained, on-field interactions and successful breakthroughs. Navigate through your child’s developmental voyage with strategies that are not only theoretically profound but have been practically validated, ensuring each moment you invest is a purposeful stride towards progressive milestones.

What to Expect

  • Holistic Approaches: Engage in a holistic approach, weaving various proven strategies to form a comprehensive, individualized plan tailored for your child’s successful toilet training.
  • Empowerment Through Knowledge: Equip yourself with a thorough understanding and practical know-how, ensuring your journey in aiding your child’s development is empowered and efficient.
  • Supportive Partnership: Walk alongside Reena and a community of parents, sharing experiences, challenges, and triumphs in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Navigate Towards Success with Time on Your Side

Embrace this journey, where every tick of the clock resonates with productive and positive change. While the path might be devoid of magical shortcuts, it is rich with proven strategies, empathetic support, and a guided pathway, ensuring each moment is a constructive step towards your child’s confident, independent future in managing their toilet routines.