Masterclass Sensory Diet Hindi

Masterclass Sensory Diet Hindi


  • Unlock the secrets of crafting an effective sensory diet with Reena Singh in this 6-hour pre-recorded course, meticulously designed to envelop parents and caregivers in a journey from theory to practical application in supporting children.
  • Diving deep into pivotal sensory components like Vestibular, Proprioceptive, and Tactile activities, the course provides a robust theoretical foundation along with an interactive Q&A session to address real-world challenges and queries.
  • Go beyond bookish knowledge and gain access to a wealth of wisdom forged from over 20 years of hands-on expertise, ensuring your strategies are not only efficient but profoundly impactful.
  • Stand with us and amplify each moment in your child’s developmental journey, crafting a pathway rich with proven strategies and heartfelt insights, every tick of the clock becoming a step toward their enriched growth and progress.
  • Though we can’t wield a magic wand to clear the path ahead, we invite you to journey with us, armed with proven strategies, maximizing every precious moment.


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Course Overview

Navigate the essential realms of a sensory diet with Reena Singh in this intricately crafted, pre-recorded class, dedicated to enveloping parents and caregivers with both the theory and practical understanding vital to support children effectively.

Course Components & Structure

  • Core Learning (3 hours): Dive deep into the fundamental components of a sensory diet, where every theory module is intricately designed to cover vital topics, including the Vestibular, Proprioceptive, and Tactile activities, ensuring a robust theoretical foundation.
  • Interactive Q&A Session (3 hours): Engage with Reena through a pre-recorded Q&A session, where questions, often posed by parents and caregivers, are addressed, providing pragmatic solutions and insights.
  • Activity Input Guidance: Acquire comprehensive insights on how to proficiently provide sensory input through assorted activities, ensuring your approach is both safe and beneficial.
  • Total Course Duration: 6 profoundly insightful hours of recorded content.

Course Highlights

  • Vestibular, Proprioceptive, and Tactile Activities: Learn the nuances and impact of these pivotal sensory diet components, understanding how to integrate them effectively into a child’s routine.
  • Providing Input: Gain practical know-how on delivering apt sensory inputs and crafting a balanced, enriching environment for children.

Your Instructor: Reena Singh

With over two decades of meticulous exploration and hands-on interaction in the field, Reena brings forth a wealth of wisdom that is both deep and wide. Her strategies and insights are not just derived from textbooks but are forged from real-world expertise and tireless dedication to understanding and addressing diverse and unique challenges.

Why Enroll in This Course?

  • Beyond Bookish Knowledge: Engage with lessons that are borne from actual, on-field experiences, ensuring strategies that are practical, applicable, and profoundly impactful.
  • A Wealth of Wisdom: Immerse yourself in the enriched essence of 20+ years of knowledge and ongoing learning, ensuring your strategies are cutting-edge and efficient.
  • Valuing Time: Bypass the overwhelming and unfiltered information online, and stride confidently with a course that is a synthesis of proven, tested methods, every second bringing you closer to your child’s developmental milestones.
  • Resource Utilization: It’s not merely about knowledge; it’s about its adept application. Learn to channelize your resources efficiently, crafting outcomes that genuinely make a difference.

Embrace the Power of Every Moment

In the journey of nurturing a child, every tick of the clock is pivotal, holding the potential to mold, shape, and transform. While we may not hold a magical solution, we provide a pathway, rich with proven strategies and heartfelt insights from countless families and Reena’s extensive expertise. Stand with us at this crucial juncture, ensuring that every moment amplifies the crescendo of your child’s growth and developmental story.