Emotional Wellness Series 2023

Emotional Wellness Series 2023


  • Embarking on the journey of parenting is rewarding yet fraught with emotional challenges.
  • Guided by the seasoned expertise of Reena Singh, this comprehensive program integrates the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping with meaningful discussions, tailored to empower parents.
  • From addressing innate fears around goal-setting for children to nurturing a mindset rooted in victory and positive outcomes, each module offers specialized activities and tapping scripts to facilitate emotional balance and wellness.
  • Topics such as embracing guilt-free self-care, conscious eating habits, and techniques for self-soothing using neurovascular points further ensure a holistic approach to parental well-being.
  • Total content duration: 8 hours, delivered in a pre-recorded format

Under Reena’s seasoned guidance, equipped with accreditations in EFT, NLP, and matrix reimprinting, parents are poised not only to navigate the maze of parenthood effectively but also to foster an enriching environment for their children. Join this transformative journey and emerge as a more conscious, empathetic, and resilient parent.

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Navigating through the parenting journey while maintaining mental and emotional wellness is an imperative yet challenging undertaking.

The presented program delineates a structured Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping and discussion scheme to equip parents with tools to manage their emotions, set attainable goals, and foster a nourishing environment for their children.

The program spans various pertinent topics, facilitating holistic personal development and well-being.

  1. Goal-Setting Amidst Fear:
    • Objective: Addressing the anxieties and fears associated with setting goals for children, ensuring they are realistic and supportive.
    • Key Activities: EFT tapping scripts focused on releasing fear and embracing confidence in parental decision-making.
  2. Intention Setting for A New Day:
    • Objective: Empowering parents to commence each day with positive intentions and emotional stability.
    • Key Activities: Guided tapping and discussions on establishing and maintaining a positive mindset throughout the day.
  3. Managing Overwhelm in Parenthood:
    • Objective: Providing strategies through EFT to manage stress and avoid burnout while nurturing children.
    • Key Activities: Tapping scripts and discussions that deal with releasing overwhelm and adopting coping mechanisms.
  4. Guilty-Free “Me Time”:
    • Objective: Normalizing and validating the need for parents to take time for self-care without guilt.
    • Key Activities: Tapping routines to release guilt and establish healthy boundaries between parental duties and personal time.
  5. Conscious Eating Habits:
    • Objective: Promoting mindful eating and healthy living among parents to ensure optimal health and vitality.
    • Key Activities: Tapping sequences and discussions exploring ways to remain mindful and make nutritious choices.
  6. Addressing Child’s Disorganization:
    • Objective: Empowering parents to effectively deal with emotions stemming from a child’s disorganized behavior.
    • Key Activities: Tapping and discussions on managing disappointment and instilling organizational skills in children.
  7. Installing Core Beliefs & Victory Mindset:
    • Objective: Implementing an acronym to  instill positive core beliefs and a mindset attuned to success.
    • Key Activities: EFT tapping scripts and fun activities to reinforce beliefs in victory and positive outcomes.
  8. Inner Child Healing:
    • Objective: Enabling parents to heal their inner child, paving the way for a more empathetic and secure parenting style.
    • Key Activities: Tapping scripts for emotional healing and creating secure emotional spaces for both parents and children.
  9. Navigating Dreams, Drama, and Discouragement:
    • Objective: Establishing a roadmap through emotional landscapes associated with dreams, drama, and discouragements.
    • Key Activities: EFT tapping sessions and dialogues on handling emotional ups and downs and staying on course toward goals.
  10. Surviving the Overwhelm Season of Dream Life:
    • Objective: Offering strategies to manage the overwhelming phases even while living an aspirational dream life.
    • Key Activities: Discussions and tapping routines focused on perseverance and maintaining joy during challenging times.
  11. Neurovascular Points and Self-Soothing:
    • Objective: Teaching parents self-soothing techniques using neurovascular points to maintain calm and centeredness.
    • Key Activities: Tapping and affirmations oriented towards fostering a calm demeanor and imparting the best to family and children.

Program Impact:

This multifaceted program empowers parents with the emotional and mental tools to navigate through the complexities and challenges of parenting.

Your Instructor: Reena Singh

With accreditations in EFT, NLP, and matrix reimprinting, Reena doesn’t just share academic prowess but blends it with decades of on-field interactions, comprehending what genuinely yields results in the domain of emotional wellness and parenting. Her hands-on approach and effective methodologies have empowered numerous individuals on their parenting journeys, making her a cherished guide in this realm.

By embracing EFT tapping strategies and engaging in insightful discussions, parents are guided towards maintaining emotional balance, fostering a positive environment for their children, and nurturing their well-being. This synthesis of practices and dialogues propels them towards becoming more conscious, empathetic, and resilient individuals and parents.