Masterclass on What is Autism and how to help? – Hindi

Masterclass on What is Autism and how to help? – Hindi


Are you a parent who has just received a diagnosis of Autism?

Are you getting overwhelmed consuming information from google and youtube?

What if someone gives you a series of simple important pointers that you need to consider before you start working with your child? Or even start therapy for your child?

I have worked for the last 22 years with thousands of families who received a medical diagnosis of Autism for their child. I would love to share the wisdom and insights that I have gained with you in this short course giving you basic concepts that give you clarity, direction and frameworks to decide therapy for your child.

Here are the seven things that I have spoken about in the 5 hours of this short course-

  1. Understanding Autism
  2. Important pointers to consider while providing therapy at a therapy centre or home.
  3. How to encourage communication
  4. Importance of routines
  5. Social stories and how to use
  6. Understanding primitive reflexes
  7. Working on self help skills

Join me as you take a plunge into understanding these concepts- equip and empower yourselves to help your child better!!


This is a pre-recorded class.

You get to learn about

  1. The  core deficit areas
  2. Sensory diet principles
  3. EFT tapping
  4. Basic understanding of  primitive reflexes
  5. Beginner skills to teach when you start with sitting activities.
  6. Working on self help skills
  7. Teaching the concept of private and public.

It has content of 5 hours.


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