Masterclass on What is Autism and how to help? – Hindi

Masterclass on What is Autism and how to help? – Hindi


  • Steer through the early turbulence of an Autism diagnosis with “Embarking on the Autism Journey,” a 5-hour pre-recorded course meticulously curated by Reena Singh, an accomplished Occupational Therapist with 23 years of profound expertise.
  • Aimed at parents and caregivers newly navigating this path, the course transcends medical definitions to offer a comprehensive understanding of Autism, practical strategies for therapy, communication, establishing routines, and utilizing social stories.
  • Reena’s dynamic and evolving wisdom, molded from extensive real-world experience, not only shines a light on deciphering primitive reflexes and bolstering self-help skills but also serves as a compassionate guide through your initial journey, transforming an overwhelming period into an empowering and assured developmental path for your child.
  • Join us, and let’s traverse this enlightening path towards understanding and empowering your family in the face of Autism.
  • Though we can’t wield a magic wand to clear the path ahead, we invite you to journey with us, armed with proven strategies, maximizing every precious moment.

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The diagnosis of Autism can initially envelop parents in a maelstrom of emotions, information, and countless decisions. Embarking on the Autism Journey: A Guiding Light for Parents, a 5-hour pre-recorded course, endeavors to be your steady companion during these tumultuous times. Curated by Reena Singh, an Occupational Therapist with 23 years of experience and deep-rooted expertise, this course is aimed at not only illuminating the path ahead but also at simplifying the complex world of Autism for parents and caregivers who have recently embarked on this journey.

What This Course Offers

  • Understanding Autism: Dive into comprehending what Autism is, beyond the medical definitions and diagnoses.
  • Strategic Therapy Approach: Learn crucial points to consider when opting for therapy, be it at a center or at home, ensuring an impactful intervention.
  • Encouraging Communication: Discover strategies to foster communication and expressive abilities in your child.
  • Significance of Routines: Understand why establishing routines can be a cornerstone in managing daily life and aiding your child’s development.
  • Leveraging Social Stories: Uncover how to create and utilize social stories to facilitate social understanding and interaction.
  • Decoding Primitive Reflexes: Gain insights into primitive reflexes and their implications on developmental trajectories.
  • Enhancing Self-Help Skills: Explore strategies to develop and enhance self-help skills, paving the way towards independence.

Your Navigator: Reena Singh

Engage with material cultivated from Reena’s two-decade-long journey, which is not merely academic but is forged from countless personal interactions, triumphs, and challenges faced by numerous families navigating through Autism. Her insights are not static, textbook knowledge but dynamic, ever-evolving wisdom that is continually updated and refined with the latest practices and discoveries in the field of Autism and Occupational Therapy.

The Uniqueness of This Journey with Us

  • Authenticity and Real-World Application: Reena’s wisdom has been chiseled through her extensive work with thousands of families, ensuring authentic and practical strategies.
  • Accessibility and Clarity: The course is designed to transform complex concepts into accessible knowledge that can be easily understood and applied by parents.
  • A Beacon Amidst the Chaos: In a world saturated with information, our course stands out by providing verified, tested, and effectively structured knowledge.
  • Time-Effective Learning: Your time is precious. Therefore, every minute of the course is crafted to provide maximum value and actionable strategies.

Embark, Understand, and Empower

Navigating through the initial phase of an Autism diagnosis can be perplexing and daunting. This course aspires to transform this journey from being overwhelming to a structured, comprehensible, and empowering experience. Rather than hastily diving into the vast ocean of scattered information, allow Reena to be your guiding light, ensuring every step you take is informed, assured, and leads towards creating a holistic developmental environment for your child.

Join Us on this enlightening journey and let’s walk together on the path towards understanding, accepting, and empowering both yourselves and your precious child.