Are you a parent who is finding it difficult to teach your Autistic child? Are you struggling to get your child to cooperate?

As parents of children on the Autism Spectrum, Rachel and Prerana have been dedicated to creating multiple learning opportunities that kindle the joy of learning. They have over the years built on methods and strategies as well as created content to teach and help other parents teach their kids in a fun and interesting manner. With this package they not only help parents arrive at appropriate learning goals, but also chart out plans and provide the necessary content to achieve these goals…. Making learning a joyful experience a way of life.


Rachel Vaz D’Abreo and Prerana Mandle

What do you get ?

  • One on one meeting- Quarterly Goal setting (3)
  • Customised Education Plan (Quarterly- 2)
  • Worksheets (150 quarterly= Total 300)
  • Monthly Q n A (Total 6 sessions)
  • Topic-based Content
  • Means of Evaluation- worksheets and quizzes
  • Programme Recordings
  • 10% discount on other Patchwork offerings