This book shares the 20 years of extensive and diverse experience of Reena Singh as an Occupational therapist working with neurodiverse children (children who learn differently) especially kids diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and sensory processing challenges. Reena shares the different approaches that are available and her view point on using and blending those approaches to make it holistic. She shares her insights with the reader on strategies that worked for her and which did not. She has tried to cover as many frequently asked questions by parents and tried to answer them as per her understanding. She engages the reader on how her creative ideas and holistic approach helped families create lasting changes in the development of their children. She stresses on co-regulation – being mindful of our thoughts and responses as we parent and how that is more important as kids pick up on the adult’s strategies to self-regulate. This book is a summation and distillation of life changing ideas and techniques that helped her see success stories in the families. It will help readers to connect to the essence of their children and will help them to bring the best out of their children for a happy and a healthy life at all levels. Also helps the reader to parent differently and make the experience more enriching. Reena is also an Advanced EFT practitioner, NLP practitioner, RMTi instructor, Touch for Health Proficient Practitioner and a Hypnotherapist. Her biggest qualification is that she is a parent and understands the challenges and joys of raising a child.