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Inner Circle Hindi

Every week I get so many DM’s asking me to suggest some exercise or evaluate your child on the basis of concerns mentioned in the chat – and whilst I’d love to make a program for everyone of you, it’s not really possible!  So, I’m doing something else instead, we meet once a month for an hour and talk in details on a pre-selected topic to help your child!!! What you get when you register to the inner circle? Meet for an hour - once a month for 12 months Get the recordings if you miss it live Meet every 2nd [...]

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Autism Intervention Program

Feeling trapped in the whirlwind of countless Autism therapies? Drowning in options and paralyzed by indecision? Clarity and calmness awaits you!!! What do you get from this program? Discover the in-depth world of autism support and guidance led by Reena Singh . Boasting two decades of hands-on experience and enriched knowledge, Reena aims to equip and empower parents to navigate the multifaceted realm of autism with confidence. Course Highlights: Foundational Knowledge: Sensory Systems Insight: Dive deep into understanding essential systems like vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile. Grasp the nuances that will enable you to recognize your child's unique needs and respond effectively. [...]

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Primitive Reflex Integration for Emotional regulation

Overwhelmed by your child's meltdowns? Dreaming of smoother transitions for them? Ready to explore strategies for easier days? Want to discover a roadmap to a more harmonious journey? Embarking on the journey with a child diagnosed with autism is a labor of profound love and commitment. At times, the path can be overwhelming, riddled with uncertainties. But every challenge also holds the promise of learning and growth. For years, Reena delved deep into the realm of autism. There were moments when she felt stuck, despite her sincerest efforts and exhaustive applications of sensory diets and integrations. But her determination to break [...]

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