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Emotional Wellness Series 2023 (Class 6)

Kids are unpredictable...Some days are good and smooth and some are really chaotic.... This is something that will always stay. Uncertainty and change are here to stay. Its important to master the inner game - the self talk inside our heads when we witness and experience these chaotic moments needs a makeover!!! That is what we do in the emotional wellness class. What happens in the emotional wellness class? This is a FREE class when you attend it live but if you want the recordings, they are available for a fee. Each week I take up a new topic and plan [...]

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Holistic homeschooling – nurturing sensitive kids naturally!!!

My child is diagnosed with Autism and is not able to learn in a typical classroom and does not follow instructions in a group set up...I don’t want to send my child to a regular school....These are some concerns that parents share with us!! And they decide to homeschool their kids...But that also feels overwhelming!! Where to start ? What to teach ? Wanted to offer a solution to your problem... Instructor Nirupama Rao, a psychologist with 30 years of experience in the field of psychology, parenting, child development and special needs will guide you how to homeschool holistically using philosophy [...]

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Inner Circle

Every week I get so many DM’s asking me to suggest some exercise or evaluate your child on the basis of concerns mentioned in the chat – and whilst I’d love to make a program for everyone of you, it’s not really possible!  So, I’m doing something else instead, we meet once a month for an hour and talk in details on a pre-selected topic to help your child!!! What you get when you register to the inner circle? Meet for an hour - once a month for 12 months Get the recordings if you miss it live Meet every 2nd [...]

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Ask anything about craniosacral-therapy and Autism.

What is the role of cranio-sacral therapy in Autism? How many times in a week is this needed? How long to do cranio-sacral therapy? What benefits do we see? Join us if you want answers to these questions Instructor Dr. Meeta Bali is a Special Educator and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist from the International Institute for Craniosacral Balancing, Switzerland. She began her career 34 years ago from B.M. Institute of Mental Health, Ahmedabad following which she served in many schools in Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Kanpur as a special educator. She is the former principal of Samarpan, Centre for Autism Spectrum Disorders. She [...]

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Patchwork Comprehensive Edu Programme

Are you a parent who is finding it difficult to teach your Autistic child? Are you struggling to get your child to cooperate? As parents of children on the Autism Spectrum, Rachel and Prerana have been dedicated to creating multiple learning opportunities that kindle the joy of learning. They have over the years built on methods and strategies as well as created content to teach and help other parents teach their kids in a fun and interesting manner. With this package they not only help parents arrive at appropriate learning goals, but also chart out plans and provide the necessary content [...]

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