Managing behaviors

This class is for 9 sessions. Duration of each session is 90 minutes. This is online class and will be conducted by Reena Singh.

The following things will be taught in the class

1. Understanding the fight-flight and freeze responses
2. Understand tuning out
3. Understanding amygdala
4. Understand how to identify the physiological responses of feeling safe and unsafe
5. Homework assignment for the parent which will be followed in class two on ABC
6. Strategies to work with Fight flight and freeze
7. Identifying sensory differences from a different space of understanding with respect to fight flight and freeze state
8. Understanding the right orbitofrontal cortex
9. Defiant stage and expression of negative emotions
10. Stress regulation circuit development
11. Discussion of Homework for class one and new homework on ABC, strengths and triggers
12. Understanding emotional memory and role of emotions in colouring memories
13. Using visual cues
14. Understand more on expression of emotions
15. Cortical fatigue
16. How to identify meltdowns and tantrums and help the child to feel safe
17. More strategies to self regulate and balance
18. Reflect on implicit memory
19. Understanding prompts
20. Diet, sleep and bowel regulation
21. Vestibular and proprioceptive inputs

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