When you come for a first visit to us, it will be about taking history and understanding the needs of your child- the strengths and the challenges of your child.

We have a personal information form which you will be required to fill in before you meet with the therapist at Khushi. This form helps us to save time so that we can straightaway work with your child and start evaluation instead of taking the medical history and other personal information which can be filled in the form by you. However, if some points are missed out, then those need to be filled by the therapist during the session. Before your scheduled session, you can ask the admin to email the form to you which you can fill and get it along.

It is recommended that you arrive on time for the scheduled appointment. This is because a fixed time is allotted to you and the next time slot is allocated to the child after you. If you arrive late, we may not be able to accommodate you as the time pressure is created. Also, at least 45 minutes to an hour is needed to be able to evaluate and assess the child. When you arrive late, the assessment gets shorter which will affect the quality of treatment that we provide. And for us, the quality of treatment provided is of utmost importance. So, it will be great to see you at the time that you have been given the appointment.

You will be explained about the various approaches that your child will need at Khushi post the non-standardized evaluation and observation of your child.

If your child can understand all that we are talking and if we are going to be discussing concerns, then, it is preferred that both parents come. This will help because one parent can wait out with the child and engage him while the other can discuss concerns with us. We do not recommend discussing concerns in front of the child.

It will be wonderful if you can take an appointment when your child has slept well and eaten well. And at a time when he is in a fresh mood.

Also, it is important to make your child wear track pants and T-shirts for therapy instead of jeans and shirts. Jeans and shirts restrict the movement. This will mask the evaluation and may give wrong results.

Some evaluations cannot be done on a full stomach, so it is advisable that you take an appointment after at least an hour of lunch or breakfast.

After the assessment the coordinator of the Centre will get back to you with slots available for therapy prescribed. The coordinator will also clear any other doubts you have regarding starting therapy.