Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre, Mumbai is a registered NGO that seeks to help and empower children with developmental disabilities which include learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and autism. It offers Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Behaviour Therapy, Special Education, Art Based Therapy and Pre-vocational Training. It also conducts Psychometric tests like CARS & IQ and offers Counselling services for parents.

At Khushi, our credo is to enable our children to lead happy, fulfilling lives and to reassure parents that our scientific methodology and techniques have consistently yielded results. Once your child is entrusted to our care, we will design a program that best suits your child's needs. This program is monitored on a weekly basis and updated every month. You will receive weekly reports detailing his response to specific therapeutic tools. Depending on the child's response to treatment, it is also possible to set a realistic goal, a time-frame within which you can expect significant improvements in your child.

Khushi follows innovative techniques to incorporate "khushi" or fun in our therapy. From playing on iPads (helps in developing fine motor skills, enhancing memory and more) to gardening and sand play (for sensory integration or SI, to improve his/her sense of touch), to blowing scented bubbles, a fun sensory experience for kids that also aids in oral motor skills, children at Khushi learn organically and energetically.

Founded in June 2000, in Mumbai, Khushi is run by a team of well-trained professionals who are passionate about their work and treat the children with utmost care and love.

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