About Us................................

At a glance -
Khushi is working with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. We have various service plans from a 3.5 hour program (Gems), intensive therapy program, one-one, group therapy and parent training programs helping and creating a difference to all those children in need for therapy.

Vision -
To reintegrate every child who steps into our centre into the mainstream society.

Mission -
To spread 'Khushi' in the lives of Children dealing with developmental disabilities.


Sachin Tendulkar - I and my family support the cause of Autism. It is tremendous effort from them to create awareness and I support this cause and will continue to do that .Any help from me in any way, that I can contribute, I will be happy to do it. I would like to congratulate Khushi for all the hard work that they are taking and they continue to do so. + read more

Anjali Tendulkar - I completely support the cause and believe that every child should be treated with love and respect. Khushi is doing good work. + read more

Shaan - Special kids need to be accepted by our society. We have to bring out the special characteristics of each child. Khushi is doing a great work by creating awareness and helping such children. + read more

Sameer Soni - I support the cause and Khushi is doing a wonderful job of creating awareness and helping these kids. + read more

I am a parent of a nine year old girl, diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of 2 years. We didn't know what would be her future like. My daughter had no communication skills, she hardly spoke a few words, inattentive, not interested in playing with other kids. We were recommended Khushi for OT and Behaviour Modification Therapy. At Khushi, she began OT thrice a week in the beginning and group therapy once a week. Within 6 months my daughter started communicating her needs. In the next year she became more aware of her surroundings.

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My son was diagnosed with Autism just two week before he could turn 2 years of age. Autism was a total new word for me which I had never heard before. My life came crashing down, did not know what this disorder was and what it could do to my boy and his future. To know things in details I went to sites and got a good amount of information for myself, but this too was not satisfying me and this was driving me crazy minute by minute. Dr. Vibha Krashnamurthy who had diagnosed my son referred me to Khushi

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I have a son, 12 years of age and he is autistic, It is unfair to separate the two, i.e. autism and the child. But, however, for parents to accept the same is difficult. It has almost taken me 12 years to come to the right path. In the haste to make them "NORMAL", we miss the actual picture, as a result in my son's case, he has become prompt dependent. Practically at the age of 12 he is skill dependent for most of his activities. It is now I realize that the school where I had put him, for purely academic purposes is not helping him.

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Our son, is autistic and microcephaly, and has joined Khushi in Feb 2009. His sitting tolerance was very less and he was highly restless. Initially, he started with one to one therapy. After some stability at the therapy centre we suggested having him admitted for a three hours school. However, since he was highly restless, he was shifted to one on one pattern again. Ofcourse, this was only after deliberation with us. Adapting the curriculum to my son's ability and also his mood swings has been the major highlight in last 2 years.

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